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Medication Safety during Storms and Evacuations

Everyone is keenly aware of the recent hurricanes and floods that have ravaged our nation. Are you prepared to keep your medical products safe during a flood? Are you prepared to evacuate quickly with your medications? The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) offers these tips:

  • Store medications in their original containers in zippered plastic bags. Take them with you if you evacuate.

  • Take a list of your medications, dosages, doctor’s name and phone number, and pharmacy name and phone number.

  • Do not use medication if it was in contact with flood water.

  • Replace temperature sensitive medications as soon as possible if you lose electricity and refrigeration. Temperature sensitive drugs lose potency if not refrigerated. Insulin, however, can be unrefrigerated for up to 28 days. Check with your pharmacist about your particular medications.

  • If you use oxygen, do not use lighting devices with a flame, such as gas lights, torches, or candles. Instead use battery-powered devices, such as flashlights or battery charged lanterns.

  • Seek medical emergency services and request evacuation if you depend on medical devices to keep you alive.

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