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Smoking Contributes to 50% of all Bladder Cancers

Doctors are concerned that there is a lack of awareness among the general public about the significant link between cigarette smoking and bladder cancer. In fact, less than one fourth of people with diagnosed bladder cancer were aware that smoking is a cause of it. The public is well-informed about the link between smoking and lung cancer. Doctors, such as James E. Montie, MD of the U-M Department of Urology who conducted the research, urge physicians to educate their patients about smoking cessation.

Bladder cancer occurs most frequently in men, Caucasians, and those with a family history of bladder cancer. About 68,000 new cases occur each year in the United States. Bladder cancer is one of the most expensive cancers to treat. After four years of quitting smoking, the risk of bladder cancer is reduced by 40%. If you are ready to stop smoking, please talk to your doctor. There are many new products and programs that may help you.

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